Citizen Charter


    Anti Corruption Bureau is the main investigative unit of State Government regarding corruption cases. It was established in June, 1967 as a Special Inquiry Agency (SIA) for curbing the evil of corruption. The SIA was later rechristened as the State Vigilance Bureau in year 1978 and the nomenclature of State Vigilance Bureau has been changed  to  Anti Corruption Bureau in Feb, 2023  and presently functions as such under the charge of Director General, who is an IPS Officer in the rank of Director General of Police or Addl. Director General of Police.


    The principle objective of the ACB, Haryana is to curb the evil of corruption amongst Govt. Departments/Organizations and carry out the mandate of the State Government to provide a corruption free, transparent and fair administration.

    Function And Duties Of Anti Corruption Bureau

    The various functions of the ACB for curbing the evil of the corruption are:-

    1. To organize trap/raids for red handed arrest of corrupt public servants.
    2. To conduct inquires against allegations of corruptions.
    3. Investigating of criminal cases of corruption/cheating/fraud etc. referred to it by the State Govt.
    4. To collect information about leakage of Govt. Revenue.

    Organization Of The Anti Corruption Bureau

    The Headquarter of Anti Corruption Bureau, Haryana is situated at Plot No. -1, Sector 23, Panchkula, Haryana. The Director General ACB Haryana is head of the department who is an IPS Officer in rank of Director General of Police. There are 7 ACB Police Stations i.e. Panchkula, Ambala, Hisar, Rohtak, Karnal, Faridabad, Gurugram where cases are registered. Beside this, a ACB Unit has been set up at each District Hqrs. which is headed by Inspector of Police. Technical Staff like SE, DETC, DA, DDA , XEN, SDE, SDO, Tehsildar  etc. are also posted in the bureau who provide technical assistance to the Anti Corruption Bureau officers in investigations and enquiries.

    Rights of Citizens

    Every citizen is a partner in anti corruption effort and their cooperation in reporting instances of demand of bribe and other corruption practices is vital to stamp out the evil of corruption.

    The Anti Corruption Bureau actively seeks and encourages cooperation of public spirited citizens to report instances of corruption.

    Whenever a citizen reports an instance of demand of bribe, immediate action is taken by organizing raid on the corrupt official/officer. Registration of case, arrest and trial of such officials follow.